What have I built?
React + Eui Event Template logo
React + Eui Event Template

Created a template for events and conferences, then I open sourced it so others could contribute as well!

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Tech Out My Swag logo
Tech Out My Swag

I wanted to keep track of all the swag I have from tech companies! Peruse my collection.

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Trello Tip Generator logo
Trello Tip Generator

I built this site that generates quick tips about Trello! From best practices to quick hacks and more!

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Photo URL Generator logo
Photo URL Generator

Ever need a link for an image instead of a file? I built this so I could quickly store mine.

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Tax Bracket Calculator logo
Tax Bracket Calculator

See how much you're actually paying in taxes in each tax bracket.

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Drink Recipe Generator logo
Drink Recipe Generator

Select your liquor and get some drink recipes.

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Scavenger Hunt logo
Scavenger Hunt

I built a scavenger hunt for my mom's birthday! Don't worry she solved it.

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Currency Converter logo
Currency Converter

You know, your basic currency converter. Currently broken, but enjoy the artifacts!

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What's in my Code Toolbox?
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What's in my No/Low Code Toolbox?
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Project management tool, but has powerful automations and power-ups to turn it into an amazing no-code app builder

no codeproject managementautomation
Zapier logo

Zapier is a tool that lets you connect multiple apps together to create automations. You'll walk through a wizard that makes it easy, yet powerful.

no codeautomationmany integrations
PixieBrix logo

Although a bit of a learning curve at first, PixieBrix lets you create powerful extensions anywhere in your browser.

low codechrome extension
Raycast logo

Build all sorts of keyboard shortcuts and quick commands that you can execute from your desktop.

low codeautomation